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HP ENVY 7641 Features

HP ENVY 7641 is an all in one printer and performs wireless printing. Use this printer to print from anywhere and everywhere.The affordable printer can produce borderless with lab quality photos. You can get sharp and bold font output with this printer.You can wirelessly print from network connected computer, tablet and smartphones. One can save the paper usage with the automatic two sided printing technology of HP ENVY 7641.This energy star certification of HP ENVY 7641 printer indicates that it can reduce the power consumption.The compact size of the printer can save a lot of space. Then the easy mobile printing technology makes everything shrink in your hand.The printer allows you to print directly even without a wireless network using Wireless direct.You can get doorstep ink delivery by sign in with HP instant ink account.Download and update the latest software version from


Basic Printer Setup -

  • Start to open the printer box using sharp objects. Keep cautious while doing so. Then you can find the printer accessories in top of the printer box.
  • Next take out the ink cartridges, power cable and instant ink card. Then take the packaging material inside the printer box
  • After that slide the printer in an even surface and pull the printer out using the plastic carry bag.
  • Next remove the plastic cover followed by removing the Styrofoam caps. And inside the cover you can find printer guide papers and software installation CD.
  • One can use the CD to install the printer software in the computer. You can do the same from 7641 if you misplace the CD in the future.
  • After that remove the visible blue tape around the printer surface. Then open the scanner lid and remove the protective sheet inside.
  • Similarly slide out the paper input tray and remove the blue tape and any packing materials inside it. Next remove the protective cover on the control panel of the printer.
  • Consecutively open the ink cartridge access area and remove any packing materials inside the carriage and the paper path.
  • Remove them properly to prevent any paper jam error in the future. Now untie the power cord and plug in one end of power cord to the printer and the rear end to the wall outlet.
  • Then power on the printer. The printer starts initializing. Follow the printer display to set the printer language and country.
  • Now the printer instructs you to install the ink cartridges. Follow instructions to install them properly in the appropriate slot.
  • Important thing to note is don’t touch those copper contacts of the cartridge which can damage the ink flow. For further information you can visit 7641.

Ink cartridge of printer

Basic Information -

Single cartridge mode -

  1. Use genuine HP ink cartridge for better print quality. You can prevent the ink cartridge to go drying out with turning ON the printer using the ON button of the printer.
  2. When you are ready to install the cartridge open the safety tape of the cartridge until then don’t remove the cover.
  3. The printer may indicate a wrong ink level and can also renders the quality of the output when you use refilled cartridge or the one from different printer.
  4. Finally replace the ink cartridge when you receive low ink level warning message. This can avoid poor and delayed prints.

When you remove a single ink cartridge out of the ink slot the printer begins to work in the single cartridge mode. In which the printer prints in the inserted cartridge color. And if you don remove the protective cover around the ink cartridge and inserted them in the slot also echoes a single cartridge mode. Properly installing the two ink cartridges in the appropriate slot can exit the single cartridge mode.

Ink level checking -


To check the ink levels of your printer from the printer software downloaded from 7641. Go to computer if it is a Windows 10 OS right click on the empty space in the drop down choose “All apps” and click your printer name. And select “Estimated Ink levels”. In case of Windows 7, Vista and XP in the computer go to start. Then choose “All Programs” and choose HP. The same can also checked from the printer control panel. For that in the printer home screen choose ink levels and the printer screen displays the current ink levels of your printer.

Software downloads using HP wireless Direct -

  • Initially HP wireless Direct enables you to print without wireless network directly from the mobile, tablet and computer.
  • To use this feature first make sure HP Wireless Direct turned on in your printer. This feature doesn’t support your printer, computer or mobile connecting to internet.
  • Then remove any USB cable connected to your printer. If your software installation instructs you to connect one.
  • And navigate to or 7641. Then in identify your printer page choose your printer and click submit.
  • Next in the following page you can check the operating system of your computer and review version details.
  • After that under the drivers heading choose download near the full software package.
  • Then go to the printer control panel and touch HP wireless direct button. And choose the Wireless Direct from Wireless Settings menu.
  • Now move to the computer and open the Wi-Fi settings. From the list of Wi-Fi networks available choose the network with your printer name.
  • Then to connect to the network you have to enter the passcode displays on the printer display.
  • Consequently go to the download folder to open the downloaded software. Run the file to start the installation process.
  • Then follow the onscreen instruction to finish the software installation process in your computer and the printer.

Printing with HP ENVY 7641

Duplex printing -

Photo printing -

  1. Duplex printing technology prints automatically on both sides and you don’t need to manually turn or flip the paper.
  2. For that make sure you download the printer software from 7641. Then open the software and choose print button.
  3. And check your printer name selected. Then open the properties dialog box. There you can adjust the paper orientation, paper size and choose the paper type and print quality.
  4. Now click ok to start print.
  1. First remove all the paper from the paper input tray. Then load the photo paper in the photo input tray.
  2. Next in the printer software go to the File menu and click print. And open the print dialogue box.
  3. After that navigate to quality tab and select photo paper in the media drop down list for maximum dpi resolution.
  4. For maximum dpi in gray scale go to Print in gray scale and in the drop down list choose High quality gray scale.

Envelopes and Quick forms printing -

  1. First load envelope in the paper input tray. And don’t use glossy envelopes and ones having window or stickers in it.
  2. Then open the printer software and click print. In the properties dialogue box you can adjust all the preferences.
  3. After adjusting all the settings click ok in the print dialogue box. In case of quick forms you have to choose quick forms in the printer display.
  4. Then select the number of copies and click ok. The quick form can be games, calendar, and checklist.

Printing from HP wireless Direct -

From computer :

  1. First check if you are having the latest and updated version of printer software from 7641.
  2. Then on your printer control panel choose the HP Wireless Direct option. Next go to network settings and click the Wireless Direct.
  3. Now go to your computer and choose the Wi-Fi settings. There choose the printer Wi-Fi network name.
  4. Then enter the passcode displays on the printer control panel in your computer to establish the connection.
  5. Now open the document that needs to print and choose print. In the following screen choose your printer name and click print.

From mobile :

  1. After turning on the Wireless Direct in your printer in your mobile device go to settings and then Wi-Fi.
  2. Next select the network name containing the printer name from the list of available printer name.
  3. Then enter the passcode displays on the printer control panel in the mobile to connect the printer to the mobile.
  4. Next open the photo or document needs to print and click action icon and choose print from the drop down.
  5. Now choose your printer model and tap print.