123.hp.com/oj7510 – Instructions to download and setup HP printer

The HP Officejet 7510 is an affordable and a multi-function printer. The printer can produce high quality graphical output and compatible for large and small scale business. More work done with improved speed and automatic document feeder. The printer has inkjet technology and also has duplex printing technology. The HP ePrint application allows you to print from the mobile device with the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer from anywhere. The printer do copy, print, scan and fax functions. Use genuine ink cartridge of HP to get sharp fonts and smear free print outputs. The software for the printer available on 123.hp.com/setup 7510

123-hp-com-setup 7510

Steps to setup HP Officejet 7510

  • First use a cutter to tear the printer package. Inside the package you can see printer guides, ink cartridges, power cord and fax cord.
  • Now carefully take out the printer out of the box keep it in a plain surface and remove all the packing materials outside and inside the printer.
  • Next lift the scanner bed and remove the plastic sheet inside and close the lid. Now attach the paper tray to the printer.
  • After connecting the power cord to the printer and power on the printer load the paper, install the ink cartridges in the carriage.For that compare the colors in the cartridge and in the slot. Next the alignment page prints you have to scan the page to optimize the print heads of the printer.

123.hp.com/oj7510 - Enabling the Web Services

  • To use web connected device to print and share documents with HP Officejet 7510 printer, you have to connect your printer with HP connected service.
  • Initially connect your printer with network either through wireless connection or Ethernet connection.Next enable the web services feature of your printer. For that go to your printer control panel.
  • And press the right arrow to move to the second screen. Next click the settings icon then press the web service option from the list.
  • Now click continue in the following page then yes in the next screen to accept the terms of policy.
  • Then your printer checks for new updates available for your printer. After applying all the updates the Web Services information sheet prints.
  • This sheet contains details needed for your printer to register in the HP Connected account.
  • Then on your computer navigate to 123.hp.com/oj7510 or 123.hp.com/setup 7510. Next click create account in the top right corner.
  • After that in the registration form enter all the details and click create account button.
  • Next in the following page you have to enter the printer claim code from the Web Services information sheet.
  • And click “add printer” you will get the printer added success message. Next add and verify your printer email address.

123.hp.com/oj7510 - Apple AirPrint Setup

  • Initially connect your iOS device to the local network. Next you have to check the network status of your printer.
  • For that press the information and wireless button at a time.  Or else you can press the start copy black and wireless button at the same time.
  • If you are having trouble connecting the printer to the network press and hold the cancel and wireless buttons. Hold them until the power light blinks.
  • You have to wait for the wireless light to blink. Now your printer is in setup mode for next 48 hours.
  • Then you have to set the printer in a wireless connection within the 48 hours. Now press and hold the WPS button of the router.
  • After that within few minutes the wireless light stops blinking and become steady in the printer control panel which indicates the wireless network connection between the printer and the router.
  • Then install AirPrint application from 123.hp.com/7510 in the iOS mobile. After that open the photo or document that needs to print and click the print icon.
  • Next select printer to choose your printer from the list. If you don’t have local network you can use Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless direct.
  • Finally if you receive no AirPrint printers found message or any other error message open the EWS page to check the printer network status.
  • For that print the Wireless Network Report and get the printer IP address. And in the safari browser of the iOS device enter it.

123.hp.com/oj7510 - ePrint Setup

  • First make sure your printer and the computer connected in same wireless network. Then install the ePrint application.
  • After installing the application click settings icon and tap activation. In the box enter your email address.
  • An activation code sends to your email address use that to activate your application. In the home screen of the application press the plus symbol to add your printer.
  • Next in your printer go to web services setup and enable the web service feature. And make sure no USB cable connected to the printer which renders the ePrint functions.
  • HP ePrint needs a mail address to send your print job to the printer. You can find the email address in the network info page of the printer.
  • Using the printer email address anyone who knows the email address can send email to the printer. You can block or customize who can send mail to your printer.
  • Then keep in mind the ePrint application prints the email with its body and don’t support more than 10 attachments.
  • And the total size of the email must within 10 MB ePrint support text, word, PowerPoint and Excel. But don t support password protected and encrypted documents.
  • If you find any difficulties printing with ePrint try restarting the printer. And print a test page from the printer.
  • Analyze the test page to solve any network issues. To resolve any network issue in the printer control panel go to network settings.
  • Then with wireless network wizard connect the printer to the network. And check if your printer is within the router range.
  • Finally check firewall settings of your device which may render connection with the printer. Still having issue visit 123.hp.com/oj7510 to resolve your problems.

123.hp.com/oj7510 - Replacing the Print head

  •  If you want to replace your damaged print head assembly follow the   below steps.
  • First keep in mind don’t remove the cartridge until you receive and ready to replace the new one. Leaving them out of the printer for a long time can damage the printer and the cartridge.
  • Now lift the ink cartridge access door of your printer. Then you can see the cartridge comes into the ink access area.
  • Then move the cartridge upwards to remove it from the slot. Remove them one by one carefully out of the slot.
  • After removing all of them pull the carriage out. Use the gray latch to do the process. Now be cautious to remove the print head.
  • And be cautious not to touch the electrical and copper contacts inside the print head assembly.
  • Take a new print head assembly remove the protective cover. Place the assembly carefully inside the slot without scratching them.
  • After placing the print head assembly of 123.hp.com/setup 7510, close the grey latch to fit the print head assembly in its place.
  • Then place the ink cartridges one by one in its appropriate slot and close the ink cartridge access door.
  • One can also try cleaning the print head with moist heads. But while cleaning clean the electrical contacts from one side alone that from top to bottom or one side to another side back and forth rubbing can damage them.
  • Finally you can also pack the ink cartridges and print head assembly carefully and return them to the HP manufacturers.
123.hp.com/oj7510 - Fixing paper pick-up issue
  • First if you receive out of paper message in your printer display and still having paper in the input tray you are facing the paper pick up issue.
  • The printer reset can sometimes resolve the issue. For that press the power button to turn off the printer and pull out the power cord from the printer and from the wall outlet.
  • Then load the paper input tray with a stack of paper use the paper width guide to adjust the paper. Don’t push too much which starts to bend the paper.
  • After that try printing a test report to see if the issue resolved. For that in the printer control panel, navigate to the second screen.
  • And press the setup icon. In the setup menu list choose reports. Then press the printer status report which prints the report. If it prints successfully problem resolved.
  • Still having issues try to clean the paper path and remove any obstructions in the carriage path.
  • For that pull out the paper output tray and remove any piece of paper in the carriage path.
  • Next try cleaning the rollers. For that use lint free cloths, clean water and cotton swabs. But don’t use chemicals or alcohols to do so.
  • For that turn of the printer and remove the duplexer from the rear end. Then clean the rollers with damp lint free cloths.
  • Finally try printing the test page. If it prints without error your problem resolved otherwise visit 123.hp.com/oj7510 or 123.hp.com/setup 7510 for further troubleshooting process.